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Wrap-A-Way Inches, Inc.
1101 Frances St. Johnstown, Pa. 15904


Do you want the benefits of exercise without the works? Look and feel better by using our seven, comfortable, toning tables that do the work for you while they tone your inner muscles and shape different areas of your body.
diet weight loss body wrap tanning salon water retention supplements
Enjoy the camaraderie of new friends or schedule a relaxing hour session in private. Our staff will assist you with a personalized plan to help you eliminate flabby areas, reduce cellulite, improve your circulation, increase you energy, lose inches and drop dress/pants sizes. Two clients have already dropped two sizes and have lost over 20 inches each, in just two months of toning!
diet weight loss body wrap tanning salon water retention supplements

Call Wrap-A-Way Inches, Inc. at (814) 269-3989 to schedule a one-on-one consultation and to try our toning tables free. $35.00/ month unlimited, one hour session; with a buddy, you can both tone one month unlimited (one hour sessions) for $55.00, or try our Tone & Tan package which includes one month unlimited tanning (20 minute sessions) and one month unlimited toning (one hour sessions) for $55.00.

Get a golden tan in our NEW, spacious comfortable, 32 bulb beds with optional face tanner. One month unlimited tanning for $30.00.

--SPECIALó All tanning products are 30% off while supplies last. 
(Titanium, Hotter, Australian Gold, Coco Beach, ect.)

Do you retain fluid? Are your eyelids puffy? Do your hands and feet swell? Do you have cellulite? Are you moody or irritable? Does your weight fluctuate up and down from day to day? These are all symptoms of water retention. Instead of taking a harsh diuretic, which acts on your kidneys and possibly results in dehydration and muscle spasms with depletion of necessary electrolytes, try our NEW product...OPC3. 
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Alum Bank, Pa.


Johnstown, Pa.
814-839-2100 814-269-3989


Treat yourself to a slenderizing, revitalizing experience.



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