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Wrap-A-Way Inches, Inc.
1101 Frances St. Johnstown, Pa. 15904


My fiancé's nose used to get in the way when we kissed. It was noticeably crooked due to a car accident ten years ago. After just one face taping last year, his nose is practically straight, looks great and best of all….I can breathe when I kiss him.

Laura Reed, Manager

I take the vitamins: Mega One 75 and the OPC. I don't eat right but I get all the vitamins and minerals I need with the Mega One 75. Since they're slow time released, I have energy all day long. The OPC keeps extra fluid of me. I have retained fluid for the past 5 years. My eyes would be puffy every morning, my fingers would swell, I had cellulite and my thighs were bigger. Since taking the OPC, I have none of these symptoms. Plus, my hair doesn't fall out when I am under stress anymore.

Laura Reed - Manager

The OPC- Even after the first few days of taking it, I had increased energy, decreased appetite and an overall sense of well-being. My clothes fit better since I don't retain fluid anymore. I haven't had to take my diuretics like I used to either. I also used to get leg cramps at night and after exercising. Now, since taking the OPC, I don't have the cramping anymore.

Michelle - Johnstown

I lost 12 pounds on vitamins and could not lose it until I took vitamins.

Rhonda Boring
Rhonda says, now she can eat what she wants, but lose weight just taking vitamins.

I lost 8 ˝ inches in just one wrap! I look and feel great.

Thanks Laura.
Charles Walk

I lost over 8 inches in one hour! I am a skeptic but this really works. I feel great.

Thanks Laura
Thom Cullen - webmaster/ Wrap Away Inches

I lost 9 inches in just one wrap. Dropped dress size and feel great.

Sue Fyock

After the very first wrap, I lost 13 inches. The inches stayed off too! What a boost to my self esteem.

Thanks Laura
Dawn C. - Johnstown

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