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Wrap-A-Way Inches, Inc.
1101 Frances St. Johnstown, Pa. 15904




prices include s/h

Coenzyme Q10  Has been called the "spark plug" of life! Improves the functioning of cells to provide overall energy, vitality & youthfulness. Especially important for a healthy heart. $19.00
Vitamin B6
(50mg) 100 tabs
Enhances the effects of Herbarectic to relieve symptoms of water retention. $10.00
Mega One 75 A slow timed release total daily vitamin and mineral supplement. $19.00
RNA/DNA Rebuilds perfect cells to reverse signs of aging. $16.50
Carb Stopper Blocks sugars and carbohydrates from being absorbed by the body during meals $32.00
Fat Stopper Blocks the absorption of fat from meals. $32.00
Powerzymes Enzymes that aid in the body's digestion of food. $23.50

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Prices for OPC3 does not include shipping and handling

$30.00/ 1 month supply
$65.00 / 3 month supply

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All prices are subject to change. 
Shipping and handling not included in price.

If you would like to learn more about these products or purchase any of these products by phone, please contact Wrap Away Inches, Inc. at 814-269-3989


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Alum Bank, Pa.


Johnstown, Pa.
814-839-2100 814-269-3989


Treat yourself to a slenderizing, revitalizing experience.



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